Thesis Supervision/Teaching

The thesis I supervised and the courses I am involved with at TUM

Thesis Supervision

Master Thesis

  • [Ongoing] Migration and Analysis of Microservices to Serverless Architectures Lennard Nagel (in collab. with Maibornwolff).
  • [Ongoing] Optimizing Cost for Provisioning of Cloud Databases using ML Techniques Berk Gülay (in collab. with SAP Munich).
  • [Ongoing] Orchestrating Accelerated AI Model Serving for Industrial Applications at the Edge Mohamad Kanj (in collab. with Siemens).
  • [Ongoing] Comparing Open-Source FL Frameworks. Alperen Özkan.
  • [Ongoing] High Performance FL Using Serverless Computing. Evgeni Kiradzhiyski.
  • [Completed, May 2022] Mitigating Stragglers in Serverless FL. Mohamed Elzohairy.
  • [Completed, September 2021] Towards Demystifying Intra-Function Parallelism in Serverless Computing. Michael Kiener. [Link]
  • [Completed, August 2021] Secure and Scalable Federated Learning using FaaS. Andreas Grafberger.

Bachelor Thesis

  • [Completed, May 2022]] DevOps Versus NoOps: Performance Comparison of an IoT-Platform. Victor Pacyna.
  • [Completed, October 2021] Bunk8s: Enabling easy Integration Testing of Microservices in Kubernetes. Christoph Reile (in collab. with Maibornwolff).
  • [Completed, July 2021] Enabling MPI-based Serverless Computing. Nils Krueger.

Application Project

  • [Completed, May 2022] Splitting Neural Networks for Training Using Function Chaining. Adrian David Castro.


Summer Semester 2022

Winter Semester 2021-2022

Summer Semester 2021